When are you open?

The office is open from 9am to 4.30pm Wednesday, Thursday &  Friday. We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Appointment times are only available on Wednesday, Thursday or Fridays.

How quickly can you see me?  
We endeavour to make appointments for clients as soon as possible (usually within 7 days).  Waiting times are dependent on the availability of counsellors and the length of the waiting list.

Can I just turn up? 
Yes, but there is no guarantee that someone will be able to see you immediately.  However, in such circumstances you would be able to make an appointment for an initial session at a suitable time. 

Can I choose the gender of my therapist? 
Yes, subject to availability. We make every effort to match the right client and counsellor in order to best meet every clients needs. Some couples and families choose to see two counsellors who work in a team. This is referred to as "Co-counselling". 

How long is each session? 
Usually between 60 and 80 minutes, depending on the client. 

How long is my commitment? 
There is none beyond the current session. 

How many sessions will I need? 
This is difficult to assess prior to the initial consultation as individuals circumstances vary so much. Counselling is usually discontinued by mutual agreement between the client and the counsellor.

Are appointments set at fixed weekly intervals?
Not necessarily. Subject to availability, when possible, sessions can be booked to suit your own preference. 

Are the counsellors qualified/registered? 
Yes, each counsellor is qualified, or working towards their qualification as an intern.  Details of staff and their academic qualifications can be found on the 
Meet our Staff page. In addition, the Counselling Centre is an Approved Community Services Provider under S 403 of the Children & Young Persons & their Families Act 1989.

 Is the service confidential? 
Yes, the content of sessions is wholly confidential according to ethical guidelines. It is current practice that a confidentiality agreement is made between the client and counsellor at the first consultation.  You can clarify any concerns at that time with your counsellor. 

Can I bring someone with me? 
Yes.  Partners, friends and family members, or support person are welcome.
Clients can negotiate whether or not their child /children should come.  However our experience is that the matters discussed are generally not appropriate to be discussed in the presence of children.  We can provide a children's' space with books and toys but please arrange this with us before your appointment.

What happens at the initial consultation? 
The focus is on getting to know the client, clarifying expectations and goals, and gathering relevant back
ground information. An opportunity for the counsellor to assess whether we can help. Some clients are referred on to other agencies. A chance for clients to ask questions and to discover if they feel that they are in the right place. 

What theoretical approach is used? 
Within the practice there is broadly based theoretical expertise drawing on ideas from a variety of approaches. Within the Centre various counsellors practice an eclectic mix of therapies (Narrative Therapy, Person Centred, CBT, TA, Gestalt, Integrated Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Te Whare Tapa Wha ) depending on the needs of the client.

Does the Centre specialise in any particular area? 
Yes.  We have counsellors who have trained in particular areas e.g. children, youth, domestic violence. Please check the 'meet the staff' page for details.   However, we have clients presenting with a wide variety of needs. Sessions usually branch out much wider and often include family issues, domestic violence, drug issues, sex/sexuality; dilemmas/decision-making, career choices; stress etc. 

Do you offer couple counselling? 
Yes. Couples come here for relationship counselling, often with the aim of staying together, but sometimes to decide whether to part. Sometimes couples are initially seen together and then are split up to take time for personal issues with separate counsellors.  Following some personal counselling they often then return to relationship counselling.  

Can families attend? 
Yes, although we do not have a specialist family therapist we can offer a brief intervention opportunity for families who wish to discuss their concerns and needs.

Are there any services specific to the business environment? 
Yes, we offer professional supervision and stress management. Also we are a provider for EAP, OCP, &  Vitea which are nationwide programmes for employee's seeking counselling assistance.
We also offer our very own ESP (Employee Support Programme) for smaller businesses who do not belong to a national support programme.  ESP is offered by employers to their employees as part of their wellbeing initiatives. 

Are there any issues that are not dealt with? 
Severe mental illness would be referred to specialist agencies. We are not ACC accredited counsellors.

How successful is the process? 
Most clients successfully meet their aims and achieve the changes they hoped for. With commitment and buy-in from the client counselling can be very successful. 

We use both quantitative and qualitative tools to assess the outcomes.

Can I park nearby? 
There is metered public street parking outside the Centre.  
There is a free public car park within easy walking distance, on Chamberlain St which is off Queen St West, behind the Mall. 

Is there access for people with Disability?                                                                                                                                                                             Yes.  We have a lift to access our First Floor rooms. We also have  a Disability accessible toilet.  All our doorways are extra wide to allow wheelchair access. 

How do I find you? 
The Centre is situated just off the main street in Levin at 29 Queen St West

Click here for a map.

How much does it cost? 
We do not have a fixed fee. All we ask is a donation or Koha.
Guide:            Unemployed $30 per session
                         Employed on average wage $65 per session
Some people are able to access payment assistance through WINZ or the PHO