Our name reflects: Our intention to provide an excellent service for the whole community.  We have created a service that is accessible, inclusive and responsive to our community's needs.

Our logo represents:
-A seed of hope for those who feel like all ends are lost 
-The journey of the seed represents hope, the past is gone and a fresh start is in the air 
-Captures the moment of release for people – a letting go of past hindrances and thinking, and then experiencing freedom, hope and happiness as a result  
-Bright oranges, yellow, reds reflect the feeling of hope and happiness as a result of counselling 
Te Whare Whai Oranga –  ‘ the house of pursuing wellbeing’

How Stress Effects the Brain

High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain's ability to function properly. ... Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. Chronic stress has a shrinking effect on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.Jul 26, 2016

The Mind and Mental Health: How Stress Affects the Brain

Our team enjoyed some pampering in December 2018.    and Christmas lunch at Salt & Pepper.    



 -In a nutshell the service continued to serve the community with integrity and passion - lives were changed and hope restored.

We saved lives!  At least 19 people attended with suicidal behaviors.  

Feedback from one of these clients: " I am so grateful I could get in to see a counsellor straight away; I didn't know where else to turn." 

2017 Projects and Statistics

Service Use:

349 clients overall - includes 127 people attending 7 Stressless workshops

  • 79% adults
  • 4% children
  • 7% youth
  • 10% over 60

986 face to face counselling hours

96 free sessions

the average client attended 4 sessions

17% of our clients were Maori   (the Horowhenua population % is 20%)

258 females and 91 males - 26% of our clients were male


13% of our work delivered to people over the age of 60

39% of our work delivered to families - 113 families

11% of our work delivered to youth between the ages of 14 - 24

10% of our work delivered to couples - (52% increase)

19 EAP/ Vitea / OCP clients attended via various workplace schemes

12 clients attended via PHO scheme

17 Justice Dept/Probation clients

4% of our work delivered was Professional Supervision provided to local community workers.

Referrals of Note:  Self - 27%;   family & friends - 8%;   GP's - 5%;  Justice - 7%

Report from Board Chair (abridged) 

Some highlights over 2017 were:

  • 40% increase in the number of children attending
  • 20% increase in the number of families attending
  • 13% increase in Government funding through Oranga Tamariki 3 year contract


  • we turned away 90 clients over the course of the year
  • overall income continues to decline

Government contracts only represent 25% of our total income.  A more realistic level of Government funding at 33% to 40% of our total income would help meet the funding shortfall to build our service and thus, to not have to turn people away.

We said farewell to two valuable Board trustees, Jane Eyles and Ken Blyton, and welcomed Viv Webby to the Board.

A sincere, heartfelt thanks to all the Friends of the Centre, our founding Churches, the philanthropic trusts, and all those who have provided support to us in one way or another.  Your monetary and spiritual generosity is so appreciated.

Robert Nicholson 

Report from the Practice Manager (abridged)

Despite our creative ideas and the contribution of many volunteer hours, sadly, we turned away 90 people over the year!  This is very uncomfortable for us to do.  Additional to our core business of counselling, Moira and I presented 7 Stressless workshops across the Wellington region. 

We won, we all won, the fight to keep our client data confidential from Government. Thank you to the clients who anonymously filled out our survey around this sensitive subject of personal client information.  The community and social services' voices were heard and heeded, well done all.

Living Well undertook the extensive MSD / Oranga Tamariki audit in April and, once again, have been approved to provide Family Support Services to our community. The assessor stated "LWCC had a high standard of practice and professionalism The Centre is accessible and welcoming..." 

Carol Parkinson (Practice Manager)


Our full Annual Report and completely independent audited Financial Reports are available on request.