Our Services

  •  Counselling
  • Professional Supervision
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • PHO counselling
  • Facilitated workshops (on request)


What does our counselling service cost?

We do not have a fixed fee. All we ask is a donation or Koha.  Your donations ensure we are able to continue to provide this valuable service to you and others in our community.
Unemployed $30 per session
Employed on average wage $65 per session

Some people are able to access payment assistance through WINZ or the PHO.

As a not for profit community service we are committed to making sure that everyone has access to our services so if cost is an issue then please talk to us. 
If you would like more information on how to Donate to or Support our organisation then please check out our Supporters page

Why Counselling?  

When people experience distress or difficulties in their lives many like to talk through their experiences with trained professionals.  Some people do this to understand more fully what led to the current problems, learn new skills and increase positive emotions. Others find having a forum to express their thoughts in a non-judgmental context, while gaining some feedback or insight, the most important part. 

Our experienced counsellors know the benefit of looking at the whole person; i.e.  integrating emotional, physical and spiritual systems. 

Counselling can help you discover meaning, options, resolution, hope, purpose, understanding and solutions.   

Counselling could be helpful for you if you are:

-Dissatisfied with your marriage or any other relationship
-Feeling sad a lot
-Having a difficult time adjusting to a recent change
-Having a hard time sleeping or concentrating
-Irritable and/or arguing frequently
-Not understanding your teen or they are not understanding you!
-Notice a change in your eating or weight
-Feeling isolated or unheard

We provide the following kinds of counselling:


Some of the issues we can help with are:

-Depression  (including suicidal thoughts or behaviour)
-Youth and other life stages
-Life changes, such as moving, adoption, natural disasters, empty nest, job loss
-Violence prevention

This is not a comprehensive list so please contact us to discuss how we are able to help you in your personal circumstances.


People come to us from all walks of life with all kinds of life issues - most people self refer and some are referred by various local agencies including: police diversion, social service agencies, schools, GP's, PHO, Victim Support, Oranga Tamariki, Barnardos, EAP. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your counselling requirements.


Our goal is to help people to live well.  Client's self reporting speaks of positive change, of feeling better about their situations or ability to manage their difficulties.

Clients are able to:

  • maintain their employment
  • live violence free
  • resolve relationship issues amicably
  • return to employment
  • nurture children appropriately
  • pursue their passions and careers
  • live healthier connected lives 

Feedback from Clients

  • I'm really glad I came - female 35
  • it was really helpful - I think I might be able to do something different now - male 27
  • Yes I'm glad I came, you are an awesome old goose! - male 33
  • you are really easy to talk to - I really want to change - female 21
  • I am feeling so much happier - what a wonderful service - female 52

Professional Supervision

Supervision promotes the best outcomes for the service user.   It is about taking care of yourself, and about becoming more self-aware and skilled. 

Who needs Supervision?      
Anyone who is working with people as a professional helper or workplace supervisor, or as one of a team.  Whenever people work closely with others, there are likely to be times when having someone to help maintain a clear perspective could be invaluable. 

Purpose of Supervision      
An important element in reflective supervision is enabling workers to question their practice, critically analyse and evaluate experiences, and debrief after challenging or stressful encounters.   Good professional supervision provides you with an objective, non-judgmental, and qualified perspective, offering both support (for your success and failures) and skills for improving your work performance. 

What is the Process?     
Professional supervision is a dynamic supportive process in which a worker is assisted to meet organisational, professional and personal objectives including competence, accountability, and professional development.     
Supervisors work in ways which allow the professional person to reflect critically on their own work, and to make changes where necessary.

What does it cost?

$85 +Gst     We are happy to negotiate a fee for students.

Employee Assistance Programmes

If your employer is part of a national employee support programme then you may request your sessions be delivered through our service.  We are an approved provider for EAP, OCP, and Vitea.

We also provide our own employee support programme called ESP - Ask your employer to contact us if they are willing to support you, their employee, with quality confidential counselling.  Employers know that their employees welfare and wellbeing is important to them.  Our ESP scheme offers brief interventions to support employees with work or personal issues that may be impacting employees ability to function at optimal levels.

The cost of this service is covered by the employer.

PHO funded counselling

Primary Mental Health Services to improve wellbeing.  The PHO coordinator can help you access up to 6 sessions of brief intervention therapy through our service.  If you meet their criteria they will fund up to 6 sessions.

You can access this service if you have mild to moderate mental health issues and you meet one of the following:

  • Maori
  • Pacific
  • Low income
  • Ayoung person between the ages of 10-24.

Contact your local PHO  - Horowhenua 06 367 6433   or   Otaki  06 364 8291

Mental Health

Increasingly the Centre is providing support for people (adults & children) who are struggling with acute long term Mental Health issues such as:

Anxiety disorders.
Eating disorders.

Many clients are also under the care of the Mental Health Team who monitor & medicate, with LWCC providing the long term counselling & support.